Family Empowerment Program...

By promoting the well-being, healthy growth & development of babies through the provision of diapers, nutritional items, wipes, other baby items families are able to focus their energy on empowering themselves and not the stress of trying to make ends meet every month.

Core Values:





To live in a positve manner we must align and act according to the values we establish in our lives. Your values help shape your thoughts and then  you play out these thoughts through your actions. This is done both consciously and subconsciously. To build a stronger structure and create an ideal life, it is really important to know what your foundation is made up of.

As a parent you are your child’s first teacher. Babies start to learn from birth and brain development happens fast within the first 5 years.  Power In Changing's Family Empowerment Program is geared to help families lay a strong foundation for a successful future.

Our goal is to provide information, encouragement, and support to caregivers in :

  • Family
  • Career
  • Education
  • Integrity

Participants engage with peers in a positive learning environment building a trust that can form leaders and create development of the family structure to be strong and self-reliant. 

The Family Empowerment Program provides classes once a month; each class will focus on the core values listed above.  Everyone that participates in the program will receive a diaper package, so register soon classes fill up fast!    

*All participants will receive a diaper package after the class if needed.*

Please check our social media pages for Event date/times!