About Us

Power in Changing was formed to help meet a growing need in South Carolina. Most forms of financial assistance do not provide funds for diapering needs. 

Additionally, many childcare facilities require parents to provide diapers, wipes, and weekly tuition and fees. Being a parent is one of the most challenging jobs; we also understand that doing it without the ability to provide for a child’s basic needs is especially hard. We are here to provide assistance and empower parents with the skills and tools needed to navigate the uncertainties of parenting.

Who We Are...

Power In Changing was created by women who understand the trials and tribulations of raising a family on limited financial resources.   Our goal is to help families in need continue their efforts to achieve their dreams and ease the burden that poverty can have.


Our dedication to families going through hard times drives us to grow and expand. We promise to continue to bring much-needed help to these families and bring them the hope and comfort EVERYONE deserves.

We are here to serve the community's need to keep OUR babies happy, healthy, and clean!