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Why the need...

By promoting the well-being, healthy growth & development of babies through the provision of diapers, nutritional items, wipes, other baby items families are able to focus their energy on empowering themselves and not the stress of trying to make ends meet every month.

The need for diapers hits the most vulnerable in our community the hardest--children. Diapers are an unmet basic need for many families. Daycare centers require parents to provide disposable diapers, however, if parents are unable to  afford them, they cannot leave their children.  Therefore a cycle of poverty continues as parents are unable to secure employemnt or pursue educational opportuniteis. There are no federal assistance programs that fund or provide diapers.This includes assistance programs like WIC, Food Stamps and Medicare.

A clean change of diapers on a regular basis can cost up to $100/month (if not more).

Nonprofits working with families and individuals consistently list diapers as an ongoing and TOP need.

Lets stop the cycle!

In 2013, more than 14.7 million children in  America  were living in families  with incomes below the national poverty level. More than two-thirds of these families were working families, and a disproportionate number are Black and Latino. Poor children often lag behind their peers in many ways beyond income. They are often less healthy, can trail in emotional and intellectual development, and are less likely to graduate from high school. Addtionally, the cycle of poverty continues as children of poverty become parents of poverty. Every year children living in poverty, cost our nation half a trillion dollars in lost productivity, healthcare and increasing crime rates. By meeting low-income families basic needs we can releive certain stresses and allow new goals and changes in their lives. 

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